Friday, December 15, 2023

Cardinal Wreath

As I finish this season's paintings, shipments and deliveries, I now turn to my Christmas card painting.  I choose a different theme each year, and this year I drifted between multiple themes, unable to choose!  With the early snow, I painted several in oil for my cards.  Then I painted those bold and bright ornaments - what a cheerful card those would make, and I painted several!  Santas in pen and ink?  Acrylic Union Station paintings?  As my workload started to wind down, I was drawn to a simpler, more peaceful reflection of the season.  I began to paint little slices of home in ink and watercolor.  This vintage wreath in one I found in Sedalia while antique shopping with my mom - and I loved the light and airy feel of it, almost like it is icy and glistening.  I love the process of capturing this, so therapeutic is the act during a busy season.  It brings the simple pleasures back into focus, and the anticipation of making new memories here with the family through the holidays.  I am truly blessed beyond measure. Painting number 3990 in 3990 days. 

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