Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Union Station Christmas

It is not really Christmas until I've painted at Union Station!  I love this tradition of capturing this grand place each year in oils, ink, watercolor and acrylic, at various times of day and night.  This place lights up on a sunny day like today, or glows like a thousand candles after nightfall, each creating a special mood all it's own.  I was set up by the front entrance doors for this one, and I LOVED the countless children who walked into this room and gasped!  Wonder, amazement and wide eyes stopped them in their tracks, as parents urged them forward.  One young child exclaimed, "I've been here before!" ...as if remembering a dream.  I am filled with wonder and reverence each time I paint here, and get to experience Union Station anew. Painting number 3987 in 3987 days. 

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