Friday, September 23, 2022

Sprague Lake

Much of our family arrived at Sprague Lake at about the same time. Three of us hiking in, and two families driving, we were greeted with a magical sight.  From the opposite side of the lake, a group of elk stepped into the water and walked all the way across the lake - directly at us!  At the last moment, they shifted left, allowing us to move to the right.  This lake is shallow - and the show was amazing.  I painted this scene after hiking it, and the kids left before us.  Time flies when I'm out painting, and we hustled back to meet the last shuttle out at 7:05.  We waited and waited as night fell in the Rocky Mountain National Park. It finally arrived after a long elk traffic jam in the park, and we got off at Tuxedo Bridge at 7:35.  Walking into the dark, we rushed through the woods and across Glacier Creek, following the hiking trail back to our cabin.  We were very happy to round the stables and find the lights on in the Coleman Cabin.  Nights are very dark in the park!  Day 13 of my Artist Residency abs day 23 of the #stradaeasel challenge.  Painting number 4343 in 4343 days. 

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