Monday, September 12, 2022

Falls Near Tuxedo Bridge


What an amazing plein air experience this was today!  It was a lovely mid-day paint on Glacier Creek, with Mike joining me in the Rocky Mountain National Park.  The falls are so loud, I can't hear anything behind me, and would not have set up here alone.  Off the beaten path and straddling large boulders, I studied the colors in this Colorado landscape. Mike looked past me and quickly realized we weren't alone.  I turned around and a young elk was 10 feet from me, the mother close behind, and a whole herd surrounding us, working their way to the water! There was no place to go but into the water, so we looked at them, and hoped they'd move to our right, which was an easier path to the water.  After a little rustling around, they did.  And the elk just kept coming!  They filled all of the wooded land right down to the creek. They took their time as the large male stood watch at the back side of them.  I could totally jump in the water - but I couldn't let my pochade, easel and wet painting go in!  So thankful they eventually left the area, and I could finish it up.  Day 2 of my Artist Residency and day 12 of the #stradaeasel painting challenge.  Painting number 4332 in 4332 days. 

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