Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Past the Roses


It was super fun to paint this lovely garden and brick building right in the heart of Wayne City! When I walked over to this location, I intended to paint with ink and watercolor.  I took my salad with me to scout, and ate while studying this place.  The painting began to form in my mind, a lush garden leading to the entry of the building beyond - and it would be in oils!  I like to immerse myself in the space a little, and let it talk to me. This always leads to a stronger painting, one that really connects to my experience in site.  It was a little warm, but it didn't bother me (still clad in my jeans, boots and jacket from a cool morning) as I stood in the sun and painted. The painting was already in me - I just needed to get it out.  I'm so happy this painting has a new home tonight!  Day 27 #stradaeasel painting challenge, painting number 4347 in 4347 days. 

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