Monday, August 1, 2022

Summer at Kauffman Garden

It is delightful to paint the summer blooms as the fountains bubble around me!!  Meeting artist friends here this morning, I arrived a little later than intended.  Loading 7 large paintings in the car for delivery to PGAV Architects, took a little longer than anticipated.  I'm working large today, because I am ever in need of Kansas City paintings for gallery spaces.  This one will frame at 20x16.  I don't think I've painted here this time of year before, not this selection of blooms.  Nor have I painted from this direction, catching the architecture in the background.  I like the soft garden edges against the hard lines of the buildings, grounds the painting.  Though hot, there was a lovely breeze and I tucked myself into a shady spot, painting until I finished.  The girls had gone on to lunch, but it feels good to have one ready to frame, and now it's off to my art drop-off next!  Painting number 4293 in 4293 days. 

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