Sunday, July 31, 2022

At the Marina

Love these days of summer, hanging on the dock while painting the sailboats returning to the marina for lunch!  Participating in the Summit Art plein air event at Lake Jacomo, I happened to find this painting spot just as the sailboats approached. As quickly as I could,  I sketched the boats in motion as they related to the planes of the marina, then went in with watercolor to capture the scene.  Still working as they headed back out on the water, I was able to add more color as the sails were raised.  I think today is the first time I have painted lake water in watercolor!  I always go for oils when painting water, but today I only brought one frame for my oils!  That forced me to reach outside my box - and who knew I would enjoy the process so much!  So happy this painting goes to a home with decades of memories at this place. Painting number 4292 in 4292 days. 

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