Friday, July 8, 2022

Looking Down North Main Street

What a charmed life I lead, painting from the steps  of the Main Street Inn in Sainte Genevieve, where every guest is treated like royalty each time we visit!  After a sumptuous breakfast, I headed out to paint. This street scene was very appealing last night from the balcony, and it was on my mind this morning.  I could hardly choose between oils and watercolor, but decided on oils with some deliberation.  I love the way the oils worked for this scene, but still the watercolor rendering is floating around in my head.  It's not often that way, I nearly always know what medium to choose as I enter the scene.  But this time I was truly back and forth several times.  Who knows, maybe I'll choose watercolor tomorrow?!  Painting number 4269 in 4269 days.