Monday, August 15, 2022

Grandma's Country Kitchen

After a rather frustrating nocturne paint in watercolor - my very first attempt using watercolor at night - I pulled out my virgin travel gouache kit for some heavier paint application.  I sketched in ink as normal, and the gouache instantly gave me stronger color in those dark masses.  I left some of my lights, not knowing how gouache would behave in those areas - and it was a good thing!  It was hard to get strong highlights on top of other color.  My rough cotton paper was probably not ideal - but it was the only remaining piece I had stamped.  I meant to get a couple others stamped earlier, but was running late to the nocturne with the additional show set up.  There are things about this gouache that peak my interest, and I will definitely have to explore a little more.  I tried both soft and hard pastels, but only the oil pastels left good marks. Total experiment here, but it was rewarding on a chaotic car show night on Bagnell Dam!  Next time I'll be super early and prepared for gridlock and big crowds, lol! I ended up with two good paintings, but oh it was work tonight!  Painting number 4304 in 4304 days. 

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