Friday, April 8, 2022

Spring Rain at Crestview

When the day started cloudy and gray - I knew I wanted to take my fountain pen inks!  Making dramatic shifts between masses, I dropped in ink with a dropper, then floated in water with a wash brush. I took a small glass dip pen and 3 other fountain pens with different colors of inks loaded. I was sheltered from the gusting wind, so those wet inky puddles could dry without being blown right off the paper!  So unpredictable, it was exciting to watch the ink do it's magic as I worked on the next mass.  I'm known for keeping everything clean, but tonight I'm sporting a little garland ink on my fingers from the dropper spurting erratically!  I may have to wear it off, or maybe try bleach next!  I know it's crazy for an event, but some days you just have to jump in boldly and embrace what drives you!  Painting number 3383 in 3383 days. 

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