Monday, April 18, 2022

Red Mountain over the Salt River

The Red Mountain was lovely at sunset, but we were soon spooked by the dense, brushy trail and the big cat sounds.  Once back on the road, we realized we had come in a back entrance instead of the main one. Silly Google maps, leading us astray!  Thank goodness we got our of there in time. The trail narrows quickly with darkness descending.  The trail was so dense that this was one of only a couple of clear views of the mountain and the river. We went in search of wildb horses, and there were plenty of signs, but we did not see them.  I want to return during morning hours, by the front entrance, to truly enjoy this place when we return.  There is a lake on that side that should offer some amazing painting opportunities, too.  I am really enjoying this gorgeous journal, it is a dream to sketch in such a book!  Painting number 3393 in 3393 days. 

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