Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Goldfield Mountains in fountain pen ink

I sketched this lovely place in pen and ink yesterday, for my first entry in my travel journal.  Wanting to explore the vibrant color of this place, I am experimenting with fountain pen inks. I first sketched in the landscape with a half dry India ink pen.  Laying a bead of color with a dropper at the darkest part of a mass, I then went in with juicy wet wash brush, allowing the ink to spread at will.  To those very wet masses I added more color with my glass dip pen, letting the inks mingle. These inks are all from the 2021 Diamine Inkvent Calendar, and I chose the ones nearest the actual colors.  Some shimmer and sheen, so each mass has unique properties.  I even added a tiny bit of bleach water to a couple of areas, to see the reaction, just like a science experiment!  There is something about the strong color that is very appealing to me!  I so love the process of art exploration!  Painting number 3381 in 3381 days. 

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