Saturday, January 15, 2022

Snow Path to Yellow Barn

After yesterday's warmth in the 50's, I awoke to this pristine winter snowscene this morning!  It's my favorite kind of snow that sticks to every branch and blade - so I had to paint it before wind or sun destroyed it.  I like to find wildlife tracks in the snow when I'm out - and today there were only bird and kitty tracks, plus my Beau's giant running tracks as he chased and played in the snow!  I love the quiet of new fallen snow, hardly a bird makes a peep as I work.  I hiked first, to heat myself up in this biting cold, and still my fingers are tingling before I finish.  I didn't grab hand warmers on my way out, and didn't want to go back for them.  I sure will remember tomorrow!  Love this time spent outdoors painting, it restores my soul.  Painting is 3300 in 3300 days, and day 14 #stradaeaselchallenge!  Wowza!

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