Monday, January 24, 2022

Marcia's Strawflowers

So fun to paint these sunny strawflowers today in the greenhouse at Family TreeNursery!  When I walked in,  the temperature and humidity raised, and the heady perfume of plants and pouring soil filled the air.  It smelled like spring.  Already the gardening bug is biting, and it's still January.  The isolation of covid deepened my love of nurturing the earth and coaxing forth it's bounty.  Always an avid gardener, I was able to spend time in my gardens like never before, actually enjoying it more without all of my looming deadlines. This miniature painting is for an artist friend, which will be assembled with other miniature paintings into a mobile for Marcia to enjoy.  What a fun thing to be able to watch paintings turn with the wind for an ever changing show!  It feels just like a tropical vacation to get away and paint like this!!  Oh - and you know I brought these home for my own garden!   Painting number 3309 in 3309 days, and day 23 #stradaeasel challenge.

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