Monday, January 3, 2022

Snow on the Pumpkins

Today finds me in the pumpkin patch - finally painting snow on my pumpkins!  My first chance of this unseasonably warm season, I am enjoying the interplay between warm light and cool shadows that push violet and blue.  The snow is melting right before my eyes, the sun shining down upon it!  Today I am starting an "extreme plein air event", shared to me from an artist in Russia who follows my work.  For the next week I will be sharing my outdoor pursuit of the perfect winter painting, tagging it with #win_winter2022.  Who  doesn't want to WIN winter 2022?!!  There are several art suppliers involved - and chances to win something everyday.  They are probably looking for creative videos on the experience, which are beyond what I currently share in process.  Maybe I'll try to add some of that to my daily work.  Truly, today was not extreme at all.  I actually got too warm in my thick wool scarf and outdoor gear, shed it all to cool off on the porch when I got back to the house!  Lol!  Pretty sure this time of year IS pretty extreme in Russia!  Painting number 3288 in 3288 days, and day 3 of the current #stradaeasel challenge. Wondering about that number?  I'm going to start correcting that each January, because I seem to lose track during the year, and even find that posts have disappeared for no apparent reason!  Oh technology, why can't you work perfectly all the time? 

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