Monday, September 6, 2021

South Main Street

Starting this very detailed ink drawing late in the event, it took me longer than normal to get all that information down. Once my ink work was done, I started in with the watercolor, working all masses of like colors at the same time.  Short on time, this is a real time saver.  I went back in with the ink a couple times - when I realized I missed a sign or a window - no more than a tiny mark, but necessary to the whole story.  Watching my time closely, I pushed it to 7 minutes left, then quickly packed, got to the car, and framed with 1 minute to spare!  Then I went in for my tag to place in the back!  It reminds me a bit of the old days when it took me all day long to finish a painting, and I still couldn't seem to turn in until the very last minute!  Haha!  The difference now is that this was my fourth painting of the day, instead of my first!  There is something to be said about persistence!  Painting number 3155 in 3155 days. 

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