Thursday, September 2, 2021

Alberta Falls in September

We started this day hiking the Alberta Falls trail.  There were so many perfect places for painting, I could already see the paintings starting in my head!  When the kids were ready to head back, I grabbed my painting gear and headed back in with Mike.  We knew from the first day that lines to get into parking are long, and we didn't want to lose the time going out for lunch.  So, true to my regular form, I didn't worry about eating until my painting was done!  This place is just off the Alberta Falls trail, down an embankment, by the water. I had to situate my easel on the rocky slope while standing on various rocks to keep level. No easy feat in this place!  One has to work for the best views, they don't just drop in your lap!  Mike stood up by the trail and talked to everyone hiking by that wondered what in the world I was doing!  I couldn't hear any of it, with the roar of the water and the pristine scene - I was totally in my painting zone.  The oils are so well suited for this place, I can lay them on thick, using the brush to express the movement of the water.  What an amazing experience!  I could paint here all month and only capture a fraction of the beauty here.  What an amazing painting day in the Rocky Mountain National Park. Best. Office. Ever.  Painting number 3151 in 3151 days. 

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