Sunday, September 5, 2021

Looking Toward the Rockies

All visitors to the Rocky Mountain National Park have to enter the park on a timed entry pass - which we got months ago online.  This allows people to enter at a more staggered rate for safer distancing during covid.  Our time today was 9am, and there was a bit of a wait - so I started sketching!  This TWSBI Go is a modest fountain pen with a spring loading system for ink - which works really well, actually!  The barrel is a little large for my small hand, but holds a lot of ink for its shorter size.  I keep it in my smallest sketch bag, and I will need to reload it when I get home - it is almost out of ink!!  I power through since my other pens are in the trunk, and soon I will add the watercolor.  The rangers at check in have been interested each time I've had a painting in my lap!  So fun to visit with them briefly!  I guess it's not every day an artist is painting in line!  Painting number 3154 in 3154 days. 

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