Friday, September 3, 2021

Overlook Chapel

As a momento to the bride and groom, I am painting the scene where they will exchange vows tonight.  I actually sketched this in ink, and started laying in color earlier, when rain moved in - and we headed for cover!  Rain and watercolor do not mix!  Returning from a morning hike - where Mike and I scouted several new places to paint - we went back up to the chapel so I could finish this before the ceremony! Mike had a wonderful conversation with a youth leader who came to this spot for reflection.  I wish I could have been part of the conversation, but alas time grew short!  Mike corralled little Casper as I worked, and he became very adept at walking up and down the incline of the mountain top! What a breathtaking view - I could paint here for days and not tire of the endless beauty!  What a slice of heaven this is.  Now I must get ready for the wedding!  Painting number 3152 in 3152 days. 

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