Saturday, July 3, 2021


My first garden phlox is a giant!  So, of course I had to paint it!  After spending a full day weeding various beds, I kept noting special blooms that are popping!  Grabbing my ink and watercolor while there was still enough light, I sketched a miniature of this beauty.  The paper is a rough cotton watercolor type and pretty crisp with sizing.  Each handmade paper is different, and it's interesting to see how they behave.  This one accepted the ink in a bleeding fashion, so I switched to De Atramentis Archive Ink for the line work.  It is more resistant to the water.  The bleeding ink in this case is Robert Oster's Great Southern Ocean, which I LOVE, so I'm totally blaming the paper for this one!  Lol! Painting number 3093 in 3093 days. 

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