Monday, July 19, 2021

Garden on Black Swan Lake

What a beautiful morning for painting in a garden on Black Swan Lake!  Meeting a few of the Monday Morning Watercolorists for our weekly outing, I had never heard of Black Swan Lake before!  Nestled in Northern Shawnee, this garden is tucked deep into the area, right on the lake.  In fact, I had to stand on a steep slope near water's edge to get this vantage.  I even set up on a black ant hill, with my yoga mat to separate us, sprayed with bug deterrent on both sides.  Only two brave ants crawled up my legs - until I brushed them off!  I often use this mat for wet ground or snow, to insulate my feet, or in woodsy areas that might be crawling with ticks.  I don't need any hitchhikers while I paint!  This garden is brimming with lovely blooms, and I'm so happy I got to spend the morning exploring them with paint!  Painting number 3107 in 3107 days. 

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