Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Morning Hydrangea

This is a showstopper year for my Little Lime hydrangeas!  The fourth year in the ground, they are now vigorous and abundant - so of course, I have to paint them!  Using my oils, I mark the lights and darks first, squinting down to see the masses.  I want the light and shadow to tell their story as they travel through the painting. I still haven't reloaded my palette, so my more sedimentary paints have thickened on the hot days in my trunk between pops in the freezer - my terra verte, asphaltum, and green under specifically. I like the quick colors on my palette, they are a especially nice quick start for those high summer greens in the landscape. I mix yellows into them, and push them cooler where needed. But they do oxidize more quickly, even with a dot of clove oil on them.  It seems like I'm always running out of paint - lol!  Painting number 3108 in 3108 days - now in to clean my palette! 

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