Thursday, July 15, 2021



I've got an art show coming up in August in Osage Beach, Missouri, and I am getting a few things ready for my booth space.  A first time plein air event - The Best Dam Plein Air Event - will celebrate the 90th year of Bagnell Dam.  Along with the various venues, participating artists are offered booth space for paintings other than the work from the event. So, in keeping with the lake theme, I am gathering previous work and even painting from some of my reference pics, to have a few additional things to offer.  I don't normally do "shows" other than art galleries or plein air sale days, so this will be fun to see how it goes!  And, it is an opportunity for me to paint boats again - since I am not going to Door County this year.  Painting number 3104 in 3104 days. 

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