Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Western Path in the Snow

After several painting days out in the teens, today did not feel so cold!  I think I'm actually acclimating to the frigid temps.  Working over an old painting (of sand and surf with seagulls), my scene today could not have been more different.  Often times I will choose a painting of the same season to paint over, so some of that old work can remain.  But today, I wanted a warm background for this very dark and snowy day, hoping those subtle colors would add vibration to the snowscene.  I like mixing things up!  Each of these last oil painting days, I have started differently in regards to color and underpainting.  I think it has helped me to keep things fresh.  Well, that and working fast in the cold.  No time to overthink when you're just trying to get done fast! Lol!  Painting number 2956 in 2956 days. 

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