Friday, February 5, 2021

Chickadee Pair

I love sketching this sweet pair during the golden hour!  So many chickadees visit the feeders all day, bringing many other friends with them.  Surprisingly warm on this day before a winter storm advisory, I've been out tending the gardens, covering cabbage, kale, Swiss chard and lettuce!  I was so surprised to see a new little bunch of gourmet lettuce - in February!  I'm sketching today with my new TWSBI Diamond fountain pen loaded with Nutcracker ink. Instead of mixing inks, I simply went over the lines I wanted darker while they were still wet, allowing the ink to mingle.  I read some articles today about some bad chemical reactions that can happen inside a fountain pen when mixing inks willy nilly, so I think mixing on the paper best. I have so many blends I want to try with my favorite black... maybe I should buy the very inexpensive TWSBI Go just for that purpose!  If I melt the insides, it would not be a loss of one of my favs.  And, that pen is exceedingly easy to load and unload!  Painting number 2950 in 2950 days. 

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