Monday, February 15, 2021

Northern Flicker

These beauties have never been to my feeders before this weekend!  Two days ago, the baby of this Northern Flicker found my suet bell - and stayed on it all day!  From early morning until last light - he stayed there eating when most other birds had left for the night.  Then yesterday morning he arrived again in the snow.  He and both parents flew by the back windows, alerting me that the bell had been finished!  I hung another, and soon mama was on it, and papa was around back under the other feeders, grazing!  They were so much fun to watch, undaunted in the snow and wind.  This morning, it began again!  They finished the bell, I hung another, and topped off the feeders again.  I had plenty of time for sketching - because these guys camp out on the bells.  This is the last one, and they've cleaned me out of food again.  Guess I'm going to restock tomorrow!  Painting number 2961 in 2961 days.  So fun to have new friends at the feeder!

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