Friday, February 19, 2021

Subtle Winter Sunset

I love when the sun shines on the snow covered landscape - even though it speeds up the melting!  One never knows how a sunset will unfold, so I prepared with the lines and dark values, waiting on that bloom of color.  This sunset set softly, with a cloud bank diffusing the hues. What began as gold quickly pushed pink, and then just popped with a magenta streak as I was already heading back!  That's so often the way of it.  It has warmed up to 30 degrees, and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time outdoors today.  The fresh air and rural surroundings feed my soul as much as painting out here does.  I may only have one more day of snow painting before it all melts away - 60s are expected soon!  Painting number 2965 in 2965 days.


  1. So lovely Tammie! I am ready for spring though.

    1. Thank you! I do love warm temperatures, and they are on the way! 60s expected in the next few days!