Sunday, December 13, 2020

Western Fence Line

Oh how I love that golden light!  Heavily overcast all day, I was happy to see the clouds disappear and the sun shine brightly!  Today, I have taken my pen and ink to this postcard watercolor blank that I used yesterday with acrylic and ink.  Whenever I have papers I don't care for, I seem to always be able to use them with my inks!  I have an ink blend in this fountain pen, and in the sun I could see all the gold flecks shimmering from the boldest lines!  I must have a little of my J. Herbin Anniversary ink in this one, which I later added Cocoa Crown and Raven Black to.  The result is a rich, lovely black - that shimmers ever so slightly in gold!  How rewarding it is to walk through the pastures and wooded paths, and sketch a little along the way. Painting number 2898 in 2898 days. 

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