Saturday, December 26, 2020

Shiny Baubles

Today, we celebrated our first ever Outdoor Christmas!  Campfire and wood stove fire going, we hardly needed them with temps in the 50s.  Crock pots lined one side of the bar with chili, pizza rolls, veggies and cold salads, dips and chips lined the other.  Desserts had their own table - and Beau had to be discouraged from helping himself!  We did a cookie exchange for the first time - and I've only started sampling the goodies!  Blankets adorned the chairs, with seating separated into family groups.  The kids could run the countryside, and one rc plane was lost in the wind - but we hope to find it with a drone tomorrow!  It was a lot more work, but really worth it to gather together in a time of covid. Painting number 2911 in 2911 days. 

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