Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Sweet Kitty

Oh, I love drawing a sweet kitty face after such a busy day!  I've been making and writing cards for hours, so unwinding with a little drawing is so relaxing!  Graphite is my first art love, the first thing my little hands picked up from a child's desk my Grandma Frank had loaded with supplies at a north window in her kitchen.  I remember the color of the light, the smell of the old pencils when I sharpened them, and the way their marks spread across a paper.  I remember the tactile feel of the lead on that thick, yellowed paper.  That desk was tiny and I wasn't in school yet, and those memories are embedded in my soul. I even remember a black and red diamond checkered box that all the writing supplies and antique child's scissors were kept in, inside the desk.  I haven't thought of these things for years, but drawing takes me right back to that joyful time.  Painting number 2901 in 2901 days. 

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