Thursday, December 17, 2020

Cedar Walk

There is nothing like a walk among nature to restore the soul.  I've found peace and time for contemplation while walking the paths around our property.  This year, Mike cut a path around each pasture, to the ponds and into this remote area of cedars.  I love hiking through here, sometimes sketching, sometimes planting seeds and bulbs, sometimes trimming away brush.  Today I pruned back a whole briar of raspberries that was spilling into the path and snagging my pants.  I feel one with the earth out here, just another generation tending to the needs of this land.  I hope my grandparents would be proud.  This postcard painting is going out in the mail to someone special for the Urban Sketchers KC postcard challenge!  I'll be watching the mail for future arrivals!  Painting number 2902 in 2902 days. 

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