Monday, March 16, 2020

Twisting Creek

How quickly the world is changing with this new social distancing!  My very full schedule has wound down to a luxurious choosing of times and tasks to be done in any order I see fit, with no alarms and no guilt about late bedtimes.  I am already getting so much done!  Without all those restrictions, I can work until I finish a thing before moving on.  After accomplishing so much, my sweet reward is a long run and pen and ink at water's edge.  These moments are where I find my zen.  Michael moves back from college tonight to finish his semester online.  Thank goodness for these little slivers of normal in my day!  Painting number 2633 in 2633 days.

1 comment:

  1. Another perfect rendering, Tammie! I see very little color in this, so am assuming it’s a simply quick pen and ink sketch. I was once able to draw and sketch, but now at a more advanced age I’ve lost a lot of hand dexterity to arthritis and such. I simply must continue to create, however, and I can still manipulate paint with wide sweeps, dabs and dashes. Detail like yours is a thing of the past, but I’m still having fun. Having your son at home will change things for you, or hey, it may also have the opposite effect of energizing your household. I can’t imagine you getting more done though! Your MO of one painting each day is my MO of one painting per week. Lol.