Monday, March 23, 2020

Opening Clouds over the Creek

Painting along this creek offers many rewards.  The chatter of birds and singing of frogs is my accompaniment, and gentle breezes keep the new mosquitoes at bay.  Simply standing in this spot and REALLY observing the landscape, takes me out of myself.  There are no worries and the chores of the day drift out of my mind.  There is only this time, this space, and my very tactile oils.  Stroke by stroke the painting unfolds, and just as I am finishing, the clouds begin to open up, showing a little blue sky.  Another day with a run and a paint, certainly a day well spent.  Painting number 2640 in 2640 days


  1. Tammie, you explanation of how you felt in this place is exactly how I feel when I am in the woods. This is lovely.

  2. Another of your touching winding creek series, it’s wonderful!