Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Winter Stand

The light blanket of snow on the landscape is irresistible - even at these temps!  Bundled up in my layers, with a wall to my back and standing in the sun, I made the best of a COLD situation.  Painting fast is key, as are hand and toe warmers. I found myself blocking in masses, and then really studying the colors in those masses, marking them with paint as I worked.  I used quite a bit of raw sienna, which I only seem to bring out this time of year.  My palette needs to be scraped and refreshed, but there's no time for that today.  A little at loose ends, my focus was off, so I just let my intuition take over, allowing the brush and knife to find their own way.  It was hard to tell what I really had until I brought it in, the bright white of the snow playing games with my eyes.  I hope to forge ahead tomorrow on another snowscape - and it is supposed to be warmer!  Yay!  Painting number 1823 in 1823 days.

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