Friday, January 26, 2018

Paperwhites ATC

I had finished a little early and set my other paintings with the group montage, and realized I had 10 minutes more to paint before lunch.  Well, you KNOW I had to take advantage of that time!  I rushed to where these paperwhites stood, rising gloriously from exposed bulbs.  I could have used a taller paper, but I didn't have one with me.  So, I set those lines down, loose and sketchy and tried to wash that color in fast!  To my dismay, my water brushpens had gummed up with the sizing in my journal, so neither was feeding water.  I almost used spit.......and then thought better of it, digging into my bag for a tiny water bottle I keep for emergencies.  Problem solved, and I didn't have to paint with spit!  Painting number 1832 in 1832 days.

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