Saturday, January 6, 2018

Union Station Interior

I've not painted on this paper much, so the first strokes are a surprise.  The velvety surface quickly absorbs the watercolor, the extra touch getting very saturated instantly.  I adjust as I go.  It is all pushing and pulling, allowing the paint to tell me what it needs.  More water?  Less pigment?  A little more ink?  I just refilled this ink pen last night from a bottle of India ink I've had forever.  This ink actually moves ever so slightly when the wet brush runs over it.  I love it!  It's movement is perfect for me.  My fountain pen inks move too much for use with watercolor.  My Pitt pen's ink does not move at all, even when I add the color immediately.  I have always liked this, but I like the slight move more!  It allows those lines to soften just a little, adding a little mystery to the hard lines of the sketch.  I'm going to enjoy this new India ink!  Painting number 1813 in 1813 days.

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