Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Miniature Daffodils

Suburban Lawn and Garden was full of beautiful blooms on Art Mob day!  Always a fan of daffodils, these miniature blooms really caught my eye!  Standing less that a foot tall, the cheerful yellow flowers top the tall stems, their heads the size of quarters.  I inked them with India ink, following with my watercolor confections.  By this point, my water brushpen was gumming up with the sizing of my journal - and I had to pour a little water out of the brush to actually make the brush work.  If I'd been near a faucet, I could have just washed the brush out, but faucets are not always handy in the field!  This little painting is already sold and heads to Pennsylvania in the morning!  Painting number 1837 in 1837 days.

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