Thursday, January 22, 2015

Winter Beckons

Winter Beckons
Oil on canvas panel, 5x7
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I did something I have never done before!  I set my brushes down last night, with the intent of immediately starting another painting.  One thing after another popped up before me, and I did not go back to my brushes - until this morning!  I have never left them full of paint before!  The colors of this painting - already sketched out - were so similar, that I didn't even wipe them out!  I just broke a major rule of artists everywhere!  With a little safflower oil, I was able to coax the drying oil paint out of my beloved brushes - not my "work horses", but those I save for the finish work.  Every minute of every day is so full for me, that sometimes the slightest shift in the schedule can bring about my downfall - or in this case, the downfall of my brushes!  Relieved to have brought them back to life, I had this one half painted before Pilates and Kettlebell classes this morning.  I have only now returned home to finish - before going to another couple of basketball games for Michael.  This painting is very much like one I have hanging in the upstairs bathroom - I love the soothing and warm colors in this winter landscape.  Painting number 754 in 754 days, and Day 23 of the 30 Day Painting Challenge :)

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  1. Beautiful and inspiring tree paintings and I absolutely love your cats portraits. Thank you for sharing!