Sunday, January 4, 2015

Tree by Winter Creek

Tree by Winter Creek
Watercolor on paper, 6x9
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Finally - we have snow on the ground!  It should be cold for the next week, so perhaps the light blanket of snow will remain!  Choosing a favorite spot,  I love the moody blues and grays of the sky, as the day looms on.  With such an atmosphere, I have worked completely wet into wet.  I know very little about layering in watercolors, and when I have experimented with it - I have been disappointed.  I prefer the loose way the paint moves when applied to the wet surface.  When I layer, I feel it is too easy to appear overworked.  When all is painted while wet - the painting is fresh and free flowing.  I have added a little warmth to the foreground trunks with sienna, and very little permanent rose to various snowy patches for added interest.  My favorite go to color these days is indigo, which is a wonderful winter shadow shade.  It is rich and warm, and fabulous mixed with a little blue-violet.  It is fun to be playing in the watercolors again, after nearly a month of oils and acrylics.  This painting makes 736 in 736 days and Day 5 of the 30 Day Painting Challenge.

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