Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Pondering - Grisaille

Pondering - Grisaille
Oil on wood panel, 9x12
Inspired by another artist, I am switching gears today and painting a grisaille.  Using transparent red oxide as my only paint, I sketch on with my brush, thinning down with only safflower oil.  Wiping away for lighter areas, adding paint for the darker ones, the image emerges.  I am very tempted to add a warm, pale yellow to these highlights, but I resist temptation.  Trying to stay loose with my strokes, I really do just blend out unconsciously!  All those years of graphite work, I guess!  I had every intention of leaving unpainted areas where the strokes clearly marked the wood, but alas....my brush would not cooperate.  Perhaps I'll do a couple others this month, after all, practice makes perfect - or so I have heard all my life.  I really like the red oxide, it is so earthy and moody, as if the only lighting is candlelight.  I already see areas that I would touch again with the brush, but as I have two basketballs games tonight, and a meeting following. I must let this rest for now.  Painting number 738 in 738 days, and Day 7 in the 30 Day Painting Challenge.