Friday, September 28, 2012

Through the Rose Arbor

When I look again at one of my plein air pieces, it is just as if I am transported back to the time and place in the painting.  I can smell the humid air, feel the breeze on my skin and the brushes in my hand.  I painted this one to replace a piece I sold at the Stems Plein Air Event of the rose garden at the Overland Park Arboretum.  I used my artistic license and changed the sweep of the path for better composition.  I also painted the beds a little wilder than the perfectly manicured flowers on site.  The day was hazy and the morning sun was just starting to warm up the scene, when I picked up my brushes.  The paints seemed to glide into place almost without thought.  I intended to underpaint in acrylics, going over with oils as I neared completion.  But, once to this point, I only topped off the flowers and foliage with oil.

Through the Rose Arbor
22x28  oil over acrylic on panel
Best Of Show Award - Tri-County Art Show

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