Saturday, September 29, 2012

Autumn in the Air

I have mixed it up again with this fall plein air painting.  I started first with my sketch, then with my palette knife applied the texture for the tree and shrub foliage.  Once dry (again, holding it in front of my car heater on high), I worked a loose underpainting in acrylics.  I like my Golden acrylics the best, I love their high pigment content - and they have wonderful mediums to play with!  The acrylic dries very quickly, so I then started with the oils.  When I layer like this, I find the depth and atmosphere build up easily and naturally.  I painted on location at the top of Kill Deer in Augusta Shores - where the autumn color is amazing :)

Autumn in the Air
9x12 oil, acrylic & molding paste on panel

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  1. Great post, which came up on my Yahoo page again.
    Way to go. Tammie.