Thursday, September 20, 2012

Magic in the Morning

I painted this one at the Two Hour Quick Paint competition at the Deanna Rose Farm on the last day of the STEMS Plein Air Event.  Arriving by 6:30 am, the artists were treated to donuts and bagels, before we all headed out to paint at 7:00.  This spot is located a good distance from the entrance, but is a favorite place of mine for garden painting.  Hustling down with my gear, I came to this spot, and the light grabbed me.  The early sun lit up the flowers, while the shadows remained long across the path and into the more heavily treed area through the gate.  I set up my easel and started on my masses.  About half way through, the sprinkler system came on, drenching the whole left side of my scene!  I already had most of the preliminary work done, so I concentrated on the rest, knowing the sprinkler would go off soon.  As I worked, I noticed there were also sprinklers right in front of my easel leg.  Boy, I hoped they wouldn't go off next!  I worked faster, feeling the pressure that I might have to suddenly move if the "rains" started.  In 20 minutes, the sprinklers went off.  Five minutes passed, and YIKES!!! - they came on right behind me!  I quickly moved up six paces to clear the downpour - and set back to work!  I raced to a finish, and started packing up my easel, just before the last sprinklers went off in front of me!  Plein air painting is always an adventure.  One day, it is the bugs in my pant (or up my leg), the next - hidden sprinklers pop up out of nowhere and rain down on my painting.  I have almost lost my easel twice as it started sinking down into the edge of a lake.   I have painted in the cold, driving rain (and hail), as well as the hottest summer sun at 105 degrees.  But, I have also painted numerous occasions in weather so beautiful, surrounded by God's beauty and abundance - that I am forever inspired to go back out and capture the glory.

Magic in the Morning
11x14 oil on panel

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