Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mother & Babe

I drew this in graphite on bristol of my oldest daughter and my first grandchild, Alan.  She was comforting him in the front hall when I captured the reference image.  Drawing is very natural to me, it is as if I don't even have to think while I lay down the strokes.  It is the first medium I remember picking up long before preschool.  By the time I was in kindergarten, I had been drawing for years.  I love the feel of pencil on paper, the way it blends into the best skin shades.  It is the root of where all art begins for me.  Each piece begins with a sketch, and blossoms from there.

See this one on display at the Kansas City Club at the Missouri Valley Impressionist Society Juried Show, Public Openings Sept. 21 & Oct. 9, 6:00-9:00.

Mother & Babe
16x20 graphite on bristol
Print Now Available

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