Sunday, December 1, 2013

Cardinal at Rest

Cardinal at Rest
Oil on wood panel, 6x6
I don't think I've painted a bird since January!  I really do enjoy everything about them - their song, the flitting from branch to branch, and their graceful movements.  Each year, cardinals nest in a giant old Seven Sisters rose bush, raising their babies, and bringing them to the feeders outside my kitchen window.  They are so striking in the winter landscape with their crimson feathers.  I must now get back to framing, them to start on my cards before heading over to our oldest daughter's house for yet another holiday get-together.  I have been itching to paint a couple of large winter landscapes for my own walls for the season, but I just don't know when I am going to get that squeezed in.  Painting number 329 in 329 days :)


  1. The cardinal looks so richly coloured and gorgeous against the swirling background. Lovely.