Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Holton Family Farm

It was such a lovely day to paint the Holten Family Farm.  This place reminded me of my Great Uncle Richard's farm, with many outbuildings and livestock.  The chickens would enter the yard fun the left, and the big, sweet dog at my feet would jump up to herd them back!  I painted them in loosely while they dotted the yard.  Just feet from me, baby calves had their own housing, so very curious about what I was doing!  The closest one jumped every time he heard a distance tractor start up, and pulled on his tether in an effort to reach me.  I remember hand feeding the calveson my uncle's farm with giant plastic baby bottles.  It was the coolest thing! I really love soaking in the essence of the place as I paint.  There's nothing like baby calves, chickens and a big sweet dog for painting companions!  Painting number 4228 in 4228 days. 

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