Saturday, May 7, 2022

Hidden Lake by the Bluff

Setting up towards the edge of the bluff, I had a good vantage of the hidden lake and trail.  Not at all afraid of heights, I was a little worried that my gear might blow off the bluff - so I scooted back a few feet.  There is a hiking trail up to the tip of that bluff, with a wonderful view over the Missouri River.  Once in a while, I could see a hiker along that ridge.  I stood in the sun for this one, with one hand on my pochade as I worked.  Using a palette knife to define the rock face, I spread thicker paint on the masses.  My paint is starting to oxidize, as I forgot to refresh it between events.  The thick paint actually helps me here, lending itself well to the planes. There is also quite a bit of organic debris that has blown into my paint and palette - so there really is a piece of this place in this painting!  Painting number 3412 in 3412 days. 

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