Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Maramec Spring

The turquoise water of Maramec Spring is hypnotic, and calls to me like a siren song!  This park is one place I MUST paint whenever I am close, and I made a little time for it while in Steelville.  Painting by the cold spring water is very comfortable this time of year, and the very saturated color of the water is a joy to paint. I just happen to still have Prussian blue in my palette (from a November portrait study) and it is the perfect blue to mix for this water!  The eagles weren't fishing here today, I've seen one each time I've painted here before.  Time flies when I'm painting, and I spent a little longer here than I anticipated.  Wish I had time to paint the other two large panels I brought with me!  I guess they'll have to wait until next time.  Painting number 3077 in 3077 days.  Not sure why some recent posts did not actually post.  Possibly a connecting issue, and I'll have to go back and fix it when I've got the time.  This painting now showing at Gallery Zeke in Steelville.