Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Flag Iris

I love getting out in my gardens, coaxing forth blooms while discouraging weeds, and ever transplanting wayward plants.  Often as I work, I see compositions before me, paintings already forming in my head.  Soon, I return to these places to paint with minutes I steel from another task.  Other times, I don't make it back before the fleeting blooms fade, and my chance is lost for another year. Hope I get to all those paintings just floating around in my head. Painting number 3062 in 3062 days. 


  1. Irises are so lovely. Too bad they do not last very long.
    Your painting looks beautiful. I really like the paper too.

    1. Thank you! I agree! I sure wish they lasted all summer long! The paper is handmade cotton. ❤