Sunday, June 27, 2021

Falling Water in the Garden

I love to immerse myself in a beautiful place, and then paint it!  I'm SO lucky to get to do this EVERY SINGLE DAY!  When I'm in Sainte Genevieve, I stay at the amazing Main Street Inn B&B, and I am spoiled.  This time my husband and my mom joined me, and we have made it a long getaway weekend!  The garden at this place is inspiring, so today finds me back in the water garden, capturing the beauty in oils.  We spent the morning and early afternoon at the Honey Bee Festival, so when mom wanted to rest and recharge back in her room for a while, I seized the opportunity to paint!  What a lovely day it has been!  Love when I can blend family fun with painting time, and shop the unique shops all in the same day!  Painting number 3086 in 3086 days. 

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